Small Beginnings: Hiking a Dream

I've been dreaming of thru-hiking the National Trails System ever since I finished my first thru-hike on the Pacific Northwest Trail. At first it seemed like a crazy idea. Could I really go hiking for years on end? How would I even begin to plan this? The more I though about it, the more I wanted to go for it, despite the improbability. Currently, after six months of research and planning, I have most of the resupply itinerary and desired route completed. Still, much remains to be done. 

As I plan for the National Trails System Hike, I also will be embarking on adventures from now through my planned start date: January 1st, 2018. Not only will I be doing these smaller hikes simply because I want to, but also to affirm my love of hiking (before setting out for 2+ years) and to gain experience that will increase my chances of success. You can find plans for my future hikes in the projects pages

Putting one foot in front of the other may turn out to be the easiest part of this grand adventure. Compiling the resupply locations, permits needed, gear lists, expenses, historical weather data, and contacts (in addition to raising the funds) could be the hardest part. Time will tell. It seems daunting, but with a hike of this proportion I will take it one thing at a time. I must remember that this is not a race, but a feat of endurance. 

Check back as I give updates on my trips, reveal more of my hiking plans, and set out to hike the National Trails System! 

–Mike Summers

 The Pacific Northwest Trail near Priest Lake, Idaho

The Pacific Northwest Trail near Priest Lake, Idaho

For it matters not how small the beginning may seem to be: what is once well done is done forever.
— Henry David Thoreau