Since 2012, I have been researching backpacking gear and testing it in the field. When I started out, my pack probably weighed 30 or more pounds. Lately I've been shaving my 3-season kit to less than 8 pounds. In the end, it doesn't really matter what kind of gear you use, or how much your pack weighs, but that you are happy with the things you have wherever you are. 

Gear layed out for the Ice Age Trail winter thru-hike. 

Ice age trail Gear List

Keeping track of my gear over the years has enabled me to choose the best gear for the trip at the lowest possible weight. 


Yeah, not quite "ultralight." But I was also comfortable cowboy camping in negative temperatures. 

ice age trail Sponsors


I made my gear list before searching for sponsors, making gear choices that will keep me alive and safe during my winter thru-hike of the IAT. These sponsorships are my way of strengthening relationships with the gear companies I respect. Needless to say, I am super stoked on the gear these companies create.